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  • Learn how Chinese herbs support healthy gastro-intestinal functions.

  • Headaches have always been a clinical interest in my Chinese herb practice.

  • The traditional way of giving patients herbs was to create a custom formula for each individual. This method is far more potent and specific than ready made formulas. Interested? Start here.


  • Giving up drinking can give rise to temporary anxiety and insomnia. Herbal medicines such as our special anxiety and insomnia formulas can also promote healthy neurological functions such as sleep and calm.

  • Kudzu: weed or miracle cure? Four unique formulas for those seeking out natural support for liver functions.

  • Herbal formulas can address occasional restlessness and sleepy-time jerks by promoting healthy neurological functions such as sleep and calm.

Digestive and

Tongue Diagnosis
and Prognosis

  • Traditional Chinese medicine makes use of the appearance of the tongue to obtain diagnostic information. Here's more on that...

  • How long will it take your acupuncture and herbs to work? Good question. See the Prognosis O-Rama.

About Acupuncture

  • Quitting Smoking is much easier with acupuncture. This article actually describes a method that takes only five minutes.

  • Acupuncture LOVES pain. My own introduction to traditional east Asian medicine was in the treatment of sciatica.

  • Acupuncture and herbs work just as well for low back pain.

  • Here you'll find the right questions regarding acupuncture insurance benefits to ask of your insurance company, along with the answers you'll likely get and how they rate.

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