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One Night in Bangkok

Al posing with Colonial Sanders. Al posing with an old friend, long removed from the current KFC chain, Colonial Sanders, at the Bangkok airport.

With a name like Bangkok, this Thailand city has received a lot of press regarding its liberal attitudes toward sex and the industry that surrounds that understanding. Our flight brought us into the Bangkok airport at ten o'clock local time. We rented a room within the airport for the night as we had until ten o clock the next morning before our flight into Kunming. It was a cold but clean room with a shower and toilet. We didn't know at the time what a luxury that would soon be considered.

The next morning, we awakened feeling refreshed and optimistic about the next leg of our journey. We even had a couple of hours to kill and so we decided to go upstairs where they offered Thai massage.

Both of us have had experience with therapeutic massage, we looked forward to seeing what Thai massage would be all about. We arrived and were immediately led into separate massage areas, though the room dividers didn't go up to the ceiling, and so we could still talk to each other. Linda's massage therapist came in to see how I was doing. She seemed to be the boss there. She asked me if Linda was my wife. I told her that we were just friends. I later figured out that she was determining our relationship to decide on how to "upgrade" our massages.

My massage therapist was a young, 20 something Thai girl. Linda's was a little older and heavier. I was given a pair of red silk pants to wear, which I put on after the massage therapist left the area. When she came back, she started on my back, with a lot of interesting strokes that included her tugging on one part of my leg, while pushing on my thigh with her foot to increase the amount of stretch.

It wasn't a bad massage thus far, though I couldn't feel any particular sensitivity on the massage therapist's part. A good massage for me includes a warm, caring vibe. This massage felt pretty mechanical.

As she finished up my back, she told me to roll over. Up until that point, it was an interesting massage, but she pinched my butt in a way that seemed a little strange. She pinched it right at the anus. I wasn't sure what the motivation was on that, and I didn't think about it again since I was turning over.

While working on the other side, she began talking in Thai to the massage therapist who was working on Linda. My massage therapist then commented to me on the hair on my chest, mentioning that Thai men don't have that, and that its so sexxxxyyy. She called in Linda's massage therapist to take a look...

The boss came in and rubbed my chest in agreement. On the way out, she gave the other massage therapist a look that I later came to understand was permission to attempt an upgrade on my massage. My massage therapist them began to make little mistakes with the placement of her hands in order to obtain a sexual response from me.

She then offered to upgrade this massage to include what I can only describe as a hand-job. The price was 50.00 extra dollars, and I declined the offer.

As the massage went on, the price came down to 25 dollars. I guess the price wasn't as "firm" as the response that she was attempting to create in the other item in question.


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