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Stray Images of Kunming, Part Three

Eat? Run? Eat? Run?

You're not supposed to eat on the job. And if you must eat on the job, you're not supposed to be photographed by a foreigner while eating on the job. But if you're really hungry while being photographed eating on the job, then you should get up and walk away. Though you shouldn't stop eating.

Architecture in China

Here is a female factory worker playing badminton in the morning while everybody else is doing Tai Chi, or Aerobics.


Note the tiles used on the outside of the building. I always found this a bit strange as in the states we usually use tiles such as these for inside bathrooms not on the outside of buildings. I was told later that the reason they gravitate toward this building material is that it is easy to hose down. Can't argue with that.

A born mimic

Here's a young man who, when I passed, called out to me in the obligatory "hallao" as many Chinese do. But as I passed, he added a coarse, growled "F**K YOU!"

His accent was perfect. His growl and general spirit while saying this told me that some American had obviously taught him this. Not to be outdone, I taught him how to growl "A**HOLE!"

I'm not sure how this is going to effect Sino-American relations in twenty years when this little boy is grown up, but I hope I'm around to witness it!

Xia-feng and son.

That's my friend Xia-feng on the left with her son on the right. This is her apartment window.

Xia-feng kind of kept an eye on me while in Kunming. She ordered food for me at restaurants, quickly coming to understand what I liked, and even sent me away with a jade ring necklace.

We had a lot of fun together. Xia-feng was very practical, courageous in her own way and she understood sacrifice too. She added some comfort in an otherwise difficult environment for me there in Kunming. I felt bad for her when I left. I felt bad for a lot of people in Kunming. Many would like to leave. Xia-feng wanted me to stay.

I hope Xia-feng can someday read this, or perhaps have it read to her. She was a beautiful woman, inside and out.

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