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Why I love Santa Monica: The Spirit of Jimi Hendrix

Spirit of Jimi Hendrix

I try to only upload good pictures and this one ain't.
However this young man's value isn't his appearance.
It isn't his singing either. It's his guitar playing.

I believe that this is the same young man who started out playing for
change on the 3rd Street Promenade a few years ago. He was probably nine
years old at the time. Now he looks to be well in to his teens. He was a
genius as a child, and nothing has changed. He's only gotten better.

I call him the Spirit of Jimi. This is not something that I say lightly.
He's an incredible guitarist, but there are plenty of them around.
What makes this young man different is his lack of self-consciousness,
his innate understanding of electric blues, he really looks and sounds
like he is quite unaware of the fact that he's playing in public.
Just like Jimi.
There's something amazing going on here...


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