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Santa Monica House Names: Viva La Cuba!

I didn't realize that there was a theme shaping up as I take in Santa Monica's house names. These three all have a Cuban theme.

The first is simply exclaiming "Fidel". Really pretty look of bold revolutionary communist red with a nice little star.


Next, we have a mention of Cuba's capital, Havana. However on this house, they don't stop there. No, this is Alta, or UPPER Havana (Habana). These people are obviously of superior breeding, not interacting with the riff-raff of Baja Habana. Good for you, and welcome to Santa Monica!

Alta Habana

And finally, inspired by Fidel, we have the iconic mug of Che Guevara atop the words "Sierra Maestra". This translates literally to "Mountain Master". Not sure what the context is behind the artwork here, but there it is.

Che Guevara is Sierra Maestra


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