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The Do-It-Yourself Harmonica Microphone

Greg's a good friend with whom I share a long personal history. He comes from a very musical family, the Khachaturyans. His great grand uncle (or something like that) was the Armenian composure who wrote the Sabre Dance. Greg's dad is an expert Jazz pianist and his mom has a natural talent for dance. Now that Greg has come of age, he has discovered within himself a blues harp player.

OMG, he's incredible! More on that in the YouTube video. First, it's time to document our afternoon together building the coveted iMic!

As a warm-up to the day's festivities, Greg gives me The Finger. No, not THAT finger, but still a finger.

Greg giving me the finger

Next, we use a handy heat-gun to melt together the plastic components for the iMic case.
Heat gun melts components together

Workshop safety is always job #1. Here's Greg demonstrating by drilling with his eyes averted to avoid any damage to the vision, never mind the increased likelihood of drilling through his hand...
Drilling with your eyes averted

Don't force it, get a bigger hammer!
Drilling with elbow grease

A quick trip to Solder City and we're almost done!
Solder city

There were about three places in which the online instructions are very weak, specifically the negative and positive wires, and where they go. So that's three places in which a simple 50-50 guess could have caused the iMic to fail. But here he is, trying it out the very first time. Worked right away... and check out his blues chops!

The finished product!
The fininshed product


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