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Why I love Santa Monica: HOT Sculpture

This sculpture is actually considered to be in West LA, found adjacent to the Los Angeles National Cemetery at the corner of Wilshire and Veteran.

Its inscription quotes Abraham Lincoln's second inaugural address which talks about "...care for him who shall have borne the battle and his widow and orphan". It is a touching and fitting memorial to those who have lost their lives so that I might benefit. Nothing short of impressive there and I want to clearly offer my gratitude for such deeds.


Now, on to my point. My god, she's HOT!

Where was Jesse Helms when this sculpture was approved?

She's practically naked to begin with and although this image can't really pick it up, there are fully formed nipple erections and everything. No wonder the soldier's weapons are so erect and ready for action!

Seriously, you gotta check out this sculpture carefully next time you're driving by. I might also suggest that you cover the eyes of your preteen children less they erroneously begin to connect sex and war.

Too late?

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i would look at this statue every morning on my way to emperor's college. i would ask myself why it was so clearly cartoon sexy. the guys look like they're from fassbinder's "querelle". somebody didn't pay attention when this was approved because it doesn't really look like the draconian statue of homage to the death machine of amerikkka.
i have thought about taking a camera and capturing the image, but you done did it excellently.

nice one, al.


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