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Haiku Review: GLOW - Public Art and All-night Groove-in

Midsummer night's dream,
much ado about nothing.
As you like it - NOT!

[Image above] One of the few half-decent effects found at GLOW when colors were projected into a spray of water on the sand adjacent to the pier.

The City of Santa Monica hosted this all-night public art exhibit on and around the famous Santa Monica pier on Saturday night, July 19th (2008). 200,000 visited the event over its twelve hours.

Most of the art installations were a bit underwhelming. However a few did capture our imaginations.

Greg and I rode our bikes down there, and in the spirit of Marty McFly and Doc Brown, got to work on our newest invention.

At the art exhibit called "Camera Projecta" (a play on the "camera obscura" located in the same building) we built on the work of above mentioned Doc Brown and Marty McFly. Since the difficult work on the flux capacitor had already been done for us, it was a simple matter of improving on Doc Brown's design.

Prof. Khachaturyan solved the more troubling design problems with the addition of a pig to the design. Good thinking, young inventor!


Not to be outdone, and deftly striking a Devo pose, Dr. Stone considers the implications of the evening's work.


Next step of course is to plug it in, sit back, and wait for the Nobel prize money to come flowing in! If only we knew what it did!


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