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The Venice Drumming Circle: Alpha Males

The alpha male is an important component in the properly functioning drum circle. Now that's not to suggest that one needs to have outdoor plumbing to hold the rhythm, there's actually a Hispanic woman who is quite alpha in her own right. But for now, I'd like to present a few alpha males who were at the circle the evening that these pictures were taken.


The black gentleman in the center is an alpha male. His drum is deeper and more pervasive than most, but more importantly, he can hold a rhythm. Most can keep a rhythm, but they can't lead. Alpha males can lead. Unfortunately, he was leading a bit too well this evening as there was, at the other end of the circle Los Primos who team up to make their own alpha male.

Having two alpha males in one drumming circle can be great, provided they honor each other's groove. That doesn't always happen, though and they'll go off on their own tangent, unable to hear the others', creating two competing rhythms that make it next to impossible for the dancers to really let go.

Los Primos (Gary y Edgar) are pictured below wearing the sunglasses.


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Hi Al,

Just came across your website and blog. Great stuff! I have been to this drumming circle, actually... years ago. I live in MN and that was one of my favorite highlights from that trip. I loved what you said about the alpha male thing. I never knew that.


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