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What I love about Santa Monica: Nature's Angles


It's fun to consider nature's patterns. Water returning to the ocean in the Santa Monica bay, branches of a tree, river deltas, mountain erosion and glacier flows.

Chinese medicine's original insights remain shrouded in an unknowable past who's scholarly roots continue to nourish new branches, tributaries, schools of thought, and therapeutic insights.

Even the branch that describes Chinese medicine observations in biomedical terms is just one more branch that can flourish or die on the tree depending on culture and market forces. But is it right for a branch to be embarrassed by the tree from which it grows, to demand that we no longer explore that tree, that we banish what is not yet proven by biomedical thinking because "modern science has it all figured out"?

Will this new branch of Chinese medicine become like the Prussian forest so regulated by science that the resultant lack of biodiversity led to the death of entire forests that continues to impact Germany even a hundred years later?


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