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Ikebanas at Japanese American National Museum

The Los Angeles chapter of the Sogestu Ikebana school put together this show which was inexplicably absent at the JANM's website. Shame on them for not publicizing this, but kudos for hosting it. Yin and yang. :)

IMG_2543.JPGThe piece pictured above was my favorite at the show. Couldn't have been easy to get that tire all twisted up like that.

IMG_2548.JPGThe above ikebana was actually attached to a larger pyramid below, for which you can only see the tip. Notice too, the taller piece in the background. There were quite a few of these size works. They rarely relied solely on fresh flowers, though.

IMG_2555.JPGIf I named this piece, I'd call it the Dagwood. Probably too old of a reference, though. This was actually one of three stacks that were all positioned together. A stunning example of creativity that was the hallmark of this show. Quite amazing, really.


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