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Crazy Nature, Straight Face

Hi. I'm Al Stone, I'm the Webmaster of BeyondWellBeing.com, EagleHerbs.com, Gancao.net, and Point Injection Dot Com. I also babysit a few other sites for my TCM friends, such as DoctorGu.com, ChineseHealingInstitute.com, TCMheals.us, and DonnaDupre.com. Oh, and don't forget the two newest members of our online community: StevenStumpf.com and TheBestOfWines.com.

Some of my friends wanted to link to my "Personal" home page. So here it is. I enjoy nature and photography. I took all the pictures here, except for the two that I'm in.

I don't know what "Crazy Nature, Straight Face" means. It just popped into my head during a meditation, as did some of the little sayings on this page. You can decide what they mean. Oh, there's another page of images here too, Random Images of Santa Monica.

Plus there's some fun links to my fun friends. By the way, all of the images are clickable to lead you to where the image was taken, give or take.


al thinking about it

This is what I look like with a C. Everett Koop beard. Perhaps I should go for something more Abe Lincoln-esque?



One man obtains power for himself.

Another is obtained by power.

Its the difference between a bulldozer and an earthquake.

a bird on a stick



onyx summit if you really want to know

There's a reason for everything,

but reason won't tell you what that is.



Karma isn't what happens,
it is how we react to what happens.


Make peace with imperfections
and they become perfict.

goat rock off the coast of central california



death valley

Happiness doesn't come from what I obtain,
but from what I let go of.


Life isn't about what I get,
its about what I leave behind.




How can you find your soulmate
if you can't find your soul?


Discover your nature
and nature will discover you.

a bamboo at huntington botanical gardens



the ace of flames

Gaze upon the candle, not just the flame.

Enlightenment isn't having all the answers,
its running out of questions.

Truth is what remains when you abandon your beliefs.



There are a lot of things that I don't know,
but until I don't know everything,
I'll still make mistakes.


Image below: Here we are enjoying the first annual Webby awards at San Francisco's posh "Bimbo's". Acupuncture.com was nominated for an award, but lost out to the Reuter's news agency's health website. We did however, have a wonderful time and it will be a memory that I cherish forever, or for a while, whichever comes first, or second.

da boyz at the webbies

From left to right:


Plus, others in my small circle of friends.

  • My brother, Ken has a page devoted to Masters Track and Field.

  • *Doug Bradley(+) who should have been at the Webby awards, but he couldn't make it, or something.

  • My other bud, Doug went to China wearing a hawaiian shirt and bermuda pants. That kept the subjects of his pictures intrigued by him long enough for him to get some really good pictures of them. Welcome, to MOXA

  • BuddhaTrance. What's that mean? Perhaps Palma's Buddha nature can tell you.

  • Doug (not picture above), Greg, Ken and I all trekked to the desert of California to locate and spend one night in the Death Valley hide-out of Charles Manson and his "family". What happened was far beyond my wildest dreams, mostly because my wildest dreams really aren't that wild. Still, we all got together and recollected this fateful trip and Doug uploaded it to his website. Read it if you dare.

*Alumni of K*U*C*I Radio in Irvine, California.

(+) Only been thrown off the air at K*U*C*I once or more. (Notice how getting thrown off the air is denoted with the "plus" sign.)



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