Haiku Review: The Wrestler

Mickey Rourke wrestles
with his own mortality
and Marissa's boobs.


Haiku Review: Slumdog Millionaire

A boy from the slums
answers all of the questions
to win some Oscars.


Haiku Review: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button


A curious case
of age coming before youth
starring New Orleans.

Dead Robot Walking

So Greg had all this footage of his toy robot, and I had a few evenings free. What resulted from our collaboration is a nice music video about how even technology seeks transcendence.

Haiku Review: Superbad

Last day of high school.
Friendships mature and endure.
I squirm, seeing me.

Haiku Review: Hairspray

Civil rights movement
meets American Bandstand.
Travolta adds zilch.

Haiku Review: Knocked Up

Knocked-up Image

Unlikely couple,
snappy dialog rings true,
dad-to-be steps up.

Haiku Review: The Weatherman

Weatherman, Nicolas Cage 


Hapless any-man
finds meaning in fatherhood -
touching in its way.

Haiku Review: 300

This is SPARTA! 

Three hundred Spartans
battle a Persian drag queen
with gallons of blood.

Haiku Review: Pan's Labyrinth


Ewww, eyeballs in hands.
Who said this was for the kids?
Somewhat disturbing.

The Suzy Prophecy

Writer, director and actress Heather Juergensen (Kissing Jessica Stein) has produced what she calls a "Labor of Love" without all the nasty blood and mucus that comes along with most birthing processes.

On May 29th, fifty some-odd invitees enjoyed the ten-minute short at Hollywood's Cinespace restaurant, something of a dinner theater with facilities for screening movies.

In just ten minutes, Ms. Juergensen was able to work in a call to a suicide hotline in which the operator had to ask around for the script appropriate to the caller's particular issue; a data entry job in which neonatal death statistics are being organized; and a suicidal coworker who's been meaning to give up smoking.

The wacky irony of it all comes to a head when life and death seem to struggle in a sexual embrace.

Not bad for just ten minutes, but then who needs foreplay when you've got the wicked insight of The Suzy Prophecy.

Never did figure out why its called The Suzy Prophecy, though. Perhaps that will become clear in the sequel.

Haiku Review: Little Miss Sunshine

A cross-country trip
full of broken dreams promotes
family values.

Haiku Review: The Premise

Not saying is best.
Haiku reviews say little.
That's good, isn't it?

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