The Anatomy of a Radio Commercial

Back when I was working on the airwaves, one of the sponsors requested that we make a "Making of the Louis Rich Turkey Bacon Spot" video. We thought that was a big effin hassle, but we did it anyway. What remains however is kind of fun to watch. Mostly as a sort of memory book of people I used to work with at Power 106 in Los Angeles.

Why I Love My Apple

Apple's new OS code named "cat" or something like that has a neat little application bundled along for the ride. It's called Photo Booth and it has a few neat effects to make you feel like your creativity is just streaming out of your head, or into it...

It's like the teletubbies world!

One more time, channeling George Harrison:

Ads I'd Like to See: Burning Urination

Marketing 101: place your message in a location where it is most likely to solve an immediate problem.

Urinal Ad for Ba Zheng San

Year of the Rat?

Yuch. Of all the animals to dominate every twelfth year, why does it have to be the RAT?

I guess it's just one of those things that doesn't ship well to The West. I suggest we change it to the "Year of the Titmouse".

Ooops. Turns out the titmouse isn't a mouse at all - it's a bird! Easy mistake to make. :)

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