Memorial Day at Arlington West

Took me a few months to get this uploaded, but this was taken on Memorial Day, adjacent to the Santa Monica pier where every Sunday an organization puts up a wooden cross for every soldier killed in the War of Terror (sic). They call it "Arlington West".


...but is he half-black ENOUGH?

I like Barak Obama, but I also recognize that a portion of that affection is something of a projection on my part (as I suppose most political affiliation is.)

Barak ObamaI think that Barak has the intelligence to recognize the value of bipartisanship. I'm not too moved by "hope" and "change". I'd rather a candidate was expressing the hard choices that we have to make such as John McCain has regarding the Bush administration's war policies or Mike Huckabee when he describes our foreign policy as "arrogant".

Overall, I like intelligence as a prerequisite to elected office. However, academic and author Shelby Steele says that Barak may be unable to nail down what "hope" and "change" really mean. Mr. Steele (author of A Bound Man: Why We Are Excited About Obama and Why He Can't Win) suggests that blacks fall in to two bold categories, the bargainers and the challengers.

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