What I love about Santa Monica: Angry Sunsets


Just a sunset with a coming storm, which ended up loudly drizzling on Santa Monica for about three minutes and that was it for us.

Why I love Santa Monica: Kite Tourists


They come from everywhere to enjoy the sunshine and sea breeze.

Kites from every race, creed, and color come to wave in the wind at Santa Monica.


A close-up of some of the kites in the air. They're located just south of a California historical marker that points out the location of the formally-named "Ink Well" which was the segregated location of the beach where blacks were allowed to swim. All of this is about a mile south of the pier.

What I love about Santa Monica: Annenberg Beach House

The Annenberg foundation purchased the land originally used by Cecil B. Demille for vacationing. On this property has been built a great public pool and social space. Adjacent, (shown here) is the Marion Davies Guest House. Nice archetecture, seems to have been inspired by the same style as a local baptist church.


What I love about Santa Monica: Bay Moods


A draft of smoke arises from a fire near Malibu, while the rest of the Santa Monica bay remains picturesque.

The clouds slowly roll in, giving the water an almost indoor eeriness.

There's actually a relationship between fires in nearby hills and calm waters in the Santa Monica bay. Fires spread with hot dry winds. Hot dry winds come from the northeast, high pressure in Utah generally. The hot dry winds blow the wave energy away from the California coast giving rise to darkened orange skies and an almost silky smooth character to the ocean.

The image above may not have been taken on the same day as the fire, but when the fires really get going, I'm telling you, the ocean's appearance is amazing. Someday my batteries will be charged when I'm around to see it.

What I love about Santa Monica: Posers


So I'm taking a picture of a really cool front door facade. Beautiful, simple, clean architecture. I'm framing things just right and some DUFUS comes into the picture, sits down, lights a cigarette, and starts to talk on his cell phone.

This is the down-side of operating in stealth mode. I am invisible. Of course, if you know I'm there, you can see me, but most don't notice the guy on the bike in the background. This guy certainly didn't notice me taking this picture.

What I love about Santa Monica: Cha Cha Chicken


As delicious as it is beautiful.
Good folks and good food at local eatery: cha cha chicken

What I love about Santa Monica: Purple Leaves


Eye catching color
randomly composed design
needs some google ads?

What I love about Santa Monica: Succuli


Succulents don't suck.

What I love about Santa Monica: Art Imitating Artist


If I were a bird
I'd look like an eagle
and if I were an artist
I'd sculpt things quite regal.

Sunset - Winter solstice - Venice Beach


Santa is a guy who regularly gives a "thumbs up" sign
to anybody who looks up to see him in the window
of his Venice beach retirement home.


Haiku Review: GLOW - Public Art and All-night Groove-in

Midsummer night's dream,
much ado about nothing.
As you like it - NOT!

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Memorial Day at Arlington West

Took me a few months to get this uploaded, but this was taken on Memorial Day, adjacent to the Santa Monica pier where every Sunday an organization puts up a wooden cross for every soldier killed in the War of Terror (sic). They call it "Arlington West".


Springtime '08 @ Will Rogers Beach

Had some good rains in early 2008 in Southern California. While they did little to alter the long-term drought we're experiencing, they did have a positive effect on the potency of the wildflowers this spring. Sorry I don't know what these flowers are called, but they smelled like a candy store.


Why I love Santa Monica: HOT Sculpture

This sculpture is actually considered to be in West LA, found adjacent to the Los Angeles National Cemetery at the corner of Wilshire and Veteran.

Its inscription quotes Abraham Lincoln's second inaugural address which talks about " for him who shall have borne the battle and his widow and orphan". It is a touching and fitting memorial to those who have lost their lives so that I might benefit. Nothing short of impressive there and I want to clearly offer my gratitude for such deeds.


Now, on to my point. My god, she's HOT!

Where was Jesse Helms when this sculpture was approved?

She's practically naked to begin with and although this image can't really pick it up, there are fully formed nipple erections and everything. No wonder the soldier's weapons are so erect and ready for action!

Seriously, you gotta check out this sculpture carefully next time you're driving by. I might also suggest that you cover the eyes of your preteen children less they erroneously begin to connect sex and war.

Too late?

Why I love Santa Monica: The Spirit of Jimi Hendrix

Spirit of Jimi Hendrix

I try to only upload good pictures and this one ain't.
However this young man's value isn't his appearance.
It isn't his singing either. It's his guitar playing.

I believe that this is the same young man who started out playing for
change on the 3rd Street Promenade a few years ago. He was probably nine
years old at the time. Now he looks to be well in to his teens. He was a
genius as a child, and nothing has changed. He's only gotten better.

I call him the Spirit of Jimi. This is not something that I say lightly.
He's an incredible guitarist, but there are plenty of them around.
What makes this young man different is his lack of self-consciousness,
his innate understanding of electric blues, he really looks and sounds
like he is quite unaware of the fact that he's playing in public.
Just like Jimi.
There's something amazing going on here...

Why I Love Santa Monica: Trendy Landscaping

I really shouldn't call ginkgo "trendy". However it has been a popular subject for Asian artists for years and one that has been enthusiastically embraced in the West. And for good reason too, as you can see, ginkgo trees turn a brilliant yellow in the autumn.

Ginkgo Trees in Santa Monica

The falling leaves offer a wonderful contrast against this rosemary hedge.

Ginkgo Leaves on Hedge

And of course, the leaves themselves are a nice fan shape that lay atop each other evocative of the random patterns of nature.

Ginkgo Leaves

Ginkgo leaves have been touted in recent years as having a beneficial effect on memory functions. However, these images prove that that they don't have to be consumed in order to remind us of how simply beautiful ginkgo trees are.

Why I love Santa Monica: Bad Feng Shui

Santa Monica locals love Chinese feng shui. However what few locals know about Chinese culture is that they put a LOT of thought into their naming of things because of a sort of verbal feng shui. Obviously, this apartment building was named long before feng shui ever entered the local consciousness.

BAD feng shui

Why I love Santa Monica: Green Irony

So this Maxstudio clothing store on the Third Street Promenade is putting up a new display exploiting the whole green revolution. It bugs me enough to snap a picture of it, just in case I want to mock them on a blog or something. If it isn't evident, the signage reads: "Global Warming Panic Sale - 60% off"

Store Exploits Green Revolution

Then, a few hours later, coming back in the other direction, I find a worker preparing the new window display. And what do I find? A guy spraying wily-nilly with something foul enough for him to need a mask. (I subsequently asked him what he was spraying. It was an adhesive.)

Store Creates Need for Green Revolution

Maxstudio should be ashamed of both cheapening an important movement and by contributing to the problem.


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