Clinically proven since 1742 (Wen Dan Tang)

Going on the wagon can get a little rocky.

Suddenly giving up alcohol can cause the body to go through periods of intense anxiety or insomnia. Sometimes both. Chinese medical theory states that alcohol produces a product in the body that we call "damp heat". The dampness results edema and bloating. The heat causes restlessness, anxiety, and insomnia. Drinking can help to lessen those feelings, but ultimately they're there because of the alcohol. So how do you escape this vicious circle? There are many ways and we encourage you to make use of any and all that seem to work for you. However, to make the entire process easier, try Temperance ANX for anxiety and Temperance INS for insomnia.

This formula was put together after witnessing the success of Beyond Well Being's Kudzu formulas. The Kudzu formulas can be used along side Temperance.

So, How Much?

For a small bottle (100 capsules), the price is $25.00. This is, at its highest dosage enough for one week. You can also get a large bottle for $40.00 which has twice as many capsules (200), and should last two weeks at its highest dosage.

Get the small size if you're unsure as to how you're going to respond to the herbal formula. If you have a history of having allergic reactions to botanical products, this is a safe choice. Get the large size if you know what you want and you want it now. :)

This particular formula works somewhat quickly, by Chinese herbal standards. Within the first few days, you should begin to feel better. As to how long it will take for all of your sensations of anxiety or insomnia to pass, that is a more difficult question and one that is well addressed at the Eagle Herbs' Prognosis-O-Rama.


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