Clinically proven since 1638 (Tian Wang Bu Xin Dan) and 1798 (Da Ding Feng Zhu).

"Why do my legs feel restless at night?"

According to traditional Chinese medicine, It all comes down too much heat in your body. Heat can originate from a variety of issues, but they all lead to restlessness. Our treatment principle then is to cool off that internal heat. Restless legs is only a superficial symptom of the more systemic restlessness caused by heat disturbing the spirit of the heart. Sound unscientific? You bet. Fortunately, there is nothing more scientific than an herbal medicine that has been getting the job done for hundreds of years. Here's how traditional Chinese medicine explains restless legs syndrome.

"Yeah, but where does this periodic limb disorder come from?"

As described above, RLS is due to heat. However periodic limb movement disorder (PLMD) is due to wind. In TCM, our goal is to calm or extinguish it. Wind in the body is commonly associated with neurologic movement disorders. Any tic, tremor, spasm or convulsion is considered wind blowing around inside the body. Does your wind kick up when you're falling asleep? Learn how traditional Chinese medicine explains one typical cause for internal wind often associated with restless legs syndrome.

So, How Much?

For a small bottle (100 capsules), the price is $25.00. This is, at its highest dosage enough for one week. You can also get a large bottle which is $40.00 and gives you twice as much (200 capsules). This bottle should last two weeks at its highest dosage.

Get the small size if you're unsure as to how you're going to respond to the herbal formula. If you have a history of having allergic reactions to botanical products, this is a safe choice. Get the large size if you know what you want and you want it now. :)

Since these products are now being sold through our sister-site,, it is also available without capsules too. What's the difference?

It may take longer than one week to see results from this particular product if its cause is due to a yin deficiency as is described in the RLS and PLMD mechanisms article. Herbs have been added to this formula that also address the more quickly treated causes of these problems as well. This formula may be perfect for you, but it simply takes up to a month before you really see improvement. You may have had this problem for ten years, so don't expect an herbal formula to take it away in a week. This is not a reasonable expectation. For more on how long it will take for your condition to resolve, please see the Eagle Herbs Prognosis-O-Rama.


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