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The testimonies on this page are all exactly as they were sent to me. Some of them have been shortened a bit to keep the reader interested, but they all reflect the flavor and spirit of the author very well. If you have a significant healing response to Beyond Well Being acupuncture or herbs and you'd like to share it with the world, feel free to tell us all about it.

Excessive Alcohol Consumption

It never occurred to me that our remedies might be a tool for a spiritual practice but apparently PB has discovered that Kudzu PRT is an effective medicine for lowering alcohol cravings during lent.

I am taking your pills because I am giving up drinking for Lent. I'm not an alcoholic, but I am a heavy social drinker. The PRT pills seem to be a great help in this endeavor. I don't notice any side effects.
San Francisco, California

Stress Induced Diarrhea

This particular problem is among the most frequently treated conditions at Beyond Well Being.

My gastrointestinal problems have pretty much disappeared (knock on virtual wood :) and your treatment played an absolutely crucial role in this, so all I can say is THANK YOU.
Santa Monica, California

Alcoholic Hangover

CM likes to party, but she doesn't like the hangover. BeyondWellBeing.com's Kudzu HO formula was made for people just like CM. Before I decided to put this formula into capsules and call it "Kudzu HO" it was known as "Hangover Magic".

Hey Al,
Your hangover magic took the edge off my fatigue and gave me energy I wouldn't otherwise have. There's no absolute cure for hangovers, but drinking some of the tea helped to lessen the severity of the symptoms - and that's all we need to make it through the day!
Los Angeles, California

IBS/Apparent Gall Bladder Pain

JS's doctor suggested that she have her gall bladder removed. JS chose to seek out alternatives, and she's happy that she did.

The herbs have helped my digestion so much. More than years of going to my M.D. and pleading with him to find out what was causing my pain.



This mom isn't taking "no" for an answer and is active in many cutting edge holistic therapies for her son.

Her son is said to have "phlegm misting the heart orifices" which causes a sort of dementia. Strengthening his digestion will prevent the creation of more phlegm and in time, this can help to clear up his mind and bring him outward into the world.

Alright Al, it's dangerous for us moms of autie kids to get too excited about changes because they are so often fleeting and unrelated to anything we're doing or not doing, but what is happening with Chris has to be directly related to you because 1) I am doing nothing new in addition to your formulas 2) everything you said would happen is happening: a) He's not laughing at nights anymore (the time when he'd get really weird); b) He's cut down almost entirely on inappropriate noises; c) Get ready for this one: He has recently started showing an interest in computer games (in the last two months since we introduced the antivirals), very basic interactive ones for preschoolers and attempted to use the mouse BUT these past three, four days, he's really picked up in attention span, concentration and level of awareness in using the computer ...it's as if overnight he's taught himself to use the mouse and go from one game to the other in the program he uses the most ...my husband sat in awe tonight as he watched him play on the computer for over half an hour.

Orange County, CA

Interstitial Cystitis

We have a variety of ways to explain urogenital issues and even more importantly to successfully treat them.

MK is understandably excited about how her enjoyment of life is improving as her pathology is addressed.

Dear Al,

A quick note to say hello! Hope that you are well. Wanted to let you know that I am doing much better!!! As long as I limit my fruit consumption to 2 or less per day I seem to be much better. I had a few bites of spicey food and was okay. I also have been having a small decaf coffee with just a splash of regular in there and been fine!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy with the progress. I have been so miserable for so long (almost a year). I am hopeful now.

Thank you. Let's keep working on this. Perhaps you can help me to knock it out entirely! Wouldn't that be a blessing!

Speak to you soon.

Los Angeles County, California

Lupus/Joint Aches

This patient began with a visit to the Santa Monica clinic. She has periodically ordered herbs for her lupus also. She seems to be very happy with her outcome.

Okay, tell me what's in the capsules. They are magical. They worked almost immediately. I feel great! No more joint aches! And, I've been taking the capsules only 2 1/2 days.

You are indeed a doctor of miracles.

Thanks so much.

Long Beach, CA USA

Indigestion/Heartburn/Fat Digestion issues

There is a saying in Chinese medicine. "One needle cures 100 diseases." That is to say that one problem can give rise to 100 symptoms.

When we treat the underlying cause, we see a variety of seemingly unrelated symptoms improving.

Hi, Dr. Stone.

I have much less heartburn. I've increased consumption of raw vegetables, and use fewer antacid/beta-blockers, per week, than I used to use in a day.

It's been easier to get to sleep, after I get off work around midnight. Formerly, staying up 4 to 9 hours was common. Now, 1 to 3 hours is normal.

I noticed that although I awaken after a few hours of sleep, I can go right back to sleep, instead of being awake for an hour or two.

A MAJOR plus has been an increase in dream-frequency. The dreams are devoid of fear, horror, or stress. They focus more around fulfillment of desires, which makes both sleep, and life-in-general, far more fulfilling. There is also a marked, decreased interest in online, adventure gaming (possibly due to the better, more desirable dreams).

There's decreased frequency of coughing up phlegm after meals, which is a blessing. I still sneeze after products containing dairy fat, and I still have to abstain from animal fat & vegetable oils, beyond about 7 grams in a meal (based on the labels), since such levels seem beyond my digestive capacity.

Joplin, MO. USA

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