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  • Diarrhea
  • strong odor or burning anus
  • strong odor doesn't burn anus
  • no strong odor nor burning anus
  • mucus with burning anus
  • mucus without burning anus
  • yellow and explosive
  • aggravated by stress
  • alternating with constipation
  • doesn't feel done
  • aggravated by activity
  • aggravated by cold, raw, or any food
  • appears soon after eating
  • pencil or ribbon shaped
  • undigested food visible
  • early morning only
  • dark or purple stools

  • Constipation
  • pellet shaped
  • aggravated by stress
  • alternates with diarrhea
  • with heart burn
  • severe pain
  • better with warmth
  • dry and hard, short term
  • dry and hard, long term
  • aggravated by diet
  • lined with mucus
  • difficult to finish
  • causes exhaustion

  • Abdominal Pain
  • sharp and fixed
  • aggravated by eating
  • aggravated by stress
  • with bloating
  • better with activity
  • severe
  • better with pressure

  • Gas
  • with strong odor
  • without strong odor
  • burns anus
  • aggravated by stress

  • Bloody stools
  • strong odor
  • no strong odor
  • mucus with strong odor
  • mucus without strong odor
  • less than six months
  • more than six months

  • Heartburn
  • aggravated by stress
  • worse when bending or laying down
  • aggravated by eating
  • with excessive saliva

  • Nausea
  • aggravated by stress
  • with severe cramping pain
  • worse when bending or laying down
  • with bloating, belching, and bad breath
  • with excessive saliva
  • mostly clear fluid
  • with undigested food

  • Bloating
  • with constipation or sluggish stools
  • worse with fatigue
  • relieved by gas with strong odor
  • relieved by gas with light odor
  • relieved by belching with strong odor
  • relieved by belching with light odor
  • aggravated by stress
  • worse in the afternoon

  • IBS due to Blood Stagnation

    Blood stagnation is not going to be a frequent cause for IBS. Blood stagnation is, however a frequent cause of excruciating pain in the abdomen and that is what it is doing here. On rare occasion, the stools may arrive with a dark or purple color. This too, is Blood Stagnation.

    One quick word about this particular syndrome, it could indicate internal bleeding or some other situation that my require more immediate attention by Western medicine. If you've been checked out and there's nothing wrong with you, please keep reading. We can help you too, but do make it a point to talk to some licensed healthcare practitioner rather than ignore this situation or attempt to self-medicate your condition.

    IBS' pain comes from the intestines. Blood stagnation pain comes from a blood circulation problem. According to traditional Chinese medicinal theory, pain generally arises from the stagnation of anything. If it's Qi stagnation pain, it is dull and radiates. If it is pain due to blood stagnation, the pain tends to be fixed in location and sharp in nature. If the pain is severe, it is due to cold in the intestines.

    sublingual engorgement

    The blood stagnation tongue can manifest with a purple tongue body color or enlarged and elongated sublingual veins. That means that the veins beneath your tongue are longer and fatter than they should be. Here's an example of enlarged sublingual veins. If you click on one of the links to the tongue diagnosis page, you'll also get to see what veins look like when they're not engorged.

    Blood stagnation can be scar tissue, it can be endometriosis, it can be a fibroid tumor, it can be the pain that follows local trauma. It isn't an intestinal thing unless the local trauma or scar tissue has actually damaged the intestines.

    Blood stagnation pain is most certainly treatable with acupuncture and traditional Chinese herbal medicines. However, it doesn't often lead to IBS nor any of the bowel issues such as the diarrhea or constipation that are frequently associated with irritable bowel syndrome. Still, it does come up because Blood Stagnation often arises after years of Qi stagnation.

    Commonly used formulas for blood stagnation that causes pain in the bowels include the following:

      Gui Zhi Fu Ling Wan for pain that includes a thick tongue coating (see: Tongue Diagnosis). NOTE: This formula is not suggested for pregnant women without a face to face diagnosis by a TCM practitioner as it can induce a miscarriage.

      Shao Fu Zhu Yu Tang for pain that does not include a thick tongue coating (see: above on this page or Tongue Diagnosis). NOTE: This formula is not suggested for pregnant women without a face to face diagnosis by a TCM practitioner as it can induce a miscarriage.

    Both of these formulas seek to circulate the blood and dispel the stasis which is to say get rid of the old, thick blood that has coagulated in the area of the pain.

    All of the formulas mentioned in this article are widely available at Chinese medicine pharmacies, though the so-called patent medicines that you'll find there aren't always as strong as they could be. These formulas come in a variety of different forms and strengths and your friendly neighborhood herbalist can assist you in obtaining them as is appropriate.

    You can purchase any of the formulas mentioned in this article by simply clicking on their names. Another option is to obtain this formula modified for your unique situation from Beyond Well Being.

    Be Well.

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